Patrick Devonas

    Painter, Sculptor, Teacher

    “Narasca is a place of creativity. Ideas are being celebrated, and the strive for excellence is being taken seriously without the insistence on any Dogma of legitimate art styles. Hence we at Narasca welcome artistic sentiment of every kind. I am fascinated with craftsmanship mainly because my ideas lead me to it. It is the idea, the vision of what I want to create that determines my craft. Perhaps this is why I feel myself to be standing with one leg in the ‘academic realist camp’, and with the other leg paddling in a sea of visionary possibilities. If I must classify this bent, I would choose the area of Réalisme Imaginaire. While insisting on my own vision, I actively seek to support others in their individual niche. I see this as a fundamental problem solver with regards to envy and strive. Being able to embrace people’s unique societal contribution is, it seems to me, the key to peace and prosperity. The aggressive competitive model seems to crumble before our very eyes.

    Since 1994 and still today, I take my students’ artistic sensibilities seriously. What that means is that I am capable to fully support a student’s personal disposition – no matter how different it might be from my own. The most important goal of my teaching here at Narasca is the student’s genuine artistic self-discovery. Creativity manifests itself in as many ways as there are people who engage in the creative process. The possibility of honing any person’s power of self-expression is something that is being understood at Narasca.

    Again, I find elitist perceptions of quality in art most unhelpful. Such notions distract from the fact that part of quality in art is determined by such things as authenticity, originality, uniqueness, sincerity, and individual point of view. All of these qualities are not obtained through dogmatic educational channels. Rather, they are deeply private and can be found through introspection. Some would argue that academic training does not allow for this. I am proud to report that many of my former and present students have proven this to be false. Combining a rigorous academic curriculum while actively supporting/stimulating introspection is possible.

    I am excited to be working side by side with Dorian Iten. There is no doubt that his contribution to Narasca is immensely positive. Students can benefit from not only his extensive education but also from his respectful, emotionally mature manner of interaction. Dorian is in possession of a keen intellect and highly refined artistic sensibilities. I am impressed by his accomplishments, to say the least.

    In line with its philosophical concept, Narasca includes in its core the work of Esther Gnädinger. An artist and professional carer of children and adults with physical and mental disabilities, Esther fosters genuine artistic expression and exploration. The importance of Esther’s presence and creative work at Narasca cannot be overstated. Dorian, Esther and I are eager to continuously build on what is already quite amazing here at Narasca. I feel that the three of us are an excellent team. Anyone interested in honing their artistic skills as well as their power of self-expression is in good company at Narasca.”

    Esther Gnädinger

    Artist, carer for children and adults with disabilities

    “Every human being has creative potential. One way this potential can express itself is through one’s application to artistic means. To me, creating is part of being human.
    I have been working with adults, teenagers, and children that have physical and mental disabilities for 13 years. Throughout this work, I have seen again and again that creating art can generate forces that make the seemingly impossible possible.“

    Dorian Iten

    Visual Artist, Teacher

    “I am on a quest for mastery, quality, and understanding that has lead me across Europe and the USA, seeking out information from my favorite artists and teachers. I have a passion for teaching and pursue this at Barcelona Academy of Art in Spain as well as through my online course “Mastering Light & Form“.

    My role at Atelier Narasca is to work with artists one-on-one through our Online Mentorship program. Please get in touch!”